Feedback from the Front

The Logical Leap is one of the major texts used in a course on scientific method at Western Carolina University. Mark Wilson, the professor who teaches the course, is director of the forensic science program at the university. Forensic science is a fascinating field — it uses abstract theory and advanced technology to solve practical problems. Mysticism and skepticism are useless in this field, but the method described in my book resonates with such reality-oriented thinkers.

Prof. Wilson recently published a review of The Logical Leap on Amazon. Here is his wonderful final paragraph:

“I have used The Logical Leap as a textbook in my course in Scientific Method at Western Carolina University for three years. The students find the book very easy to understand, especially as compared to some of the other assigned readings. When asked to reformulate an argument from the course reading materials, they consistently perform much better from assignments focused on The Logical Leap. This, I believe, is due not only to the clear writing style, but also to the intelligibility of the arguments themselves. David Harriman has taken a very complex topic and cogently reduced it to its essentials. While doing so, he has introduced the study of scientific method to many truths that have, unfortunately, been missed in most academic treatments of this crucially important topic.”