Essays & Articles

by David Harriman

Galileo’s Battle for Reason -$10
Galileo’s epic battle to free reason from Church authority was a major turning point in history. This article is the best source for understanding this crucial conflict, and for appreciating Galileo’s heroism. (17,000 words)

Enlightenment Science and Its Fall – $10
Newton’s influence gave rise to the Enlightenment, a period of extraordinary achievement (in fields from mathematics and science to music and politics). This article describes the Enlightenment and the philosophic ideas that caused its downfall. It includes a unique analysis of Rousseau and Kant. (15,000 words)

Philosophy and Contemporary Physics – $10
This article discusses how philosophy affects the interpretation of physics, with emphasis on how post-Kantian philosophy led to strange interpretations of relativity and quantum theory. (6,300 words)

Early Modern Attacks on Reason – $8
This article discusses the bizarre and destructive philosophic systems of Leibniz, Berkeley, and Hume.(5,000 words)

Lost in Space – $8
The concept “space” has been mired in confusion since pre-Socratic times. This article examines the philosophic errors that led to the corrupt ideas of space in modern physics.(5,200 words)

Do Scientists Need Philosophy? – $8
This is the transcript of a Friday afternoon colloquium lecture given at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (APL). The past lecturers at this famous colloquium have included Nobel laureates, but this is the first time that APL invited a philosopher of science to give the lecture.(6,200 words)

The Philosophic Corruption of Physics – $12
A popular myth claims that the standard interpretations of relativity and quantum theory follow inexorably from the observed facts, and then these theories forced physicists to change their philosophical views. In this course, Mr. Harriman exposes the myth by showing that physicists first accepted the post-Kantian attacks on causality and reason, and then interpreted relativistic and quantum phenomena accordingly. The course thus makes clear the actual relationship between philosophy and physics. (30,000 words)

The 19th Century Atomic War – $8
It was one of the greatest triumphs in the history of science when the atomic theory of matter was proved during the 19th century. However, many scientists passionately opposed the theory on philosophic grounds. In this article, Mr. Harriman describes and explains this incredible and dramatic story. (9,400 words)

The Anti-Copernican Revolution – $6
This is a detailed outline of a book that was never completed. It sketches the story of physics, from Copernicus through the 20th century, from a philosophical perspective. (9,300 words)

Lost in Space (lecture transcript with additional material on Einstein) – Free with an order of $40 or more.
This fascinating talk about the misuses of the concept “space” is included for free with purchases of more than $40. To get the download, first place your order, then email me at (10,000 words)